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Berry, Spinach, Protein Pancakes

Caroline Kavanagh | Apr 7, 2020

Who doesn't love pancakes? And if you don't, come on, seriously? The only thing stopping us from making pancakes is either lack of time or the dreaded thought of a blood sugar spike, right? Not anymore folks! These cakes take about 20 minutes from start to finish. This means they can easily be made on hurried days or they take your lazy mornings to a whole new level of awesomeness. All you need are 4 ingredients, 1 mixing bowl, 1 fork or whisk and some water. You've got this.

My dad used to make us pancakes before school but he was an early riser and somehow managed to make those cakes before 5am. The good news is you can sleep in... This cake recipe takes that old classic batter mix and time warps it to meet todays standards. What we have here is efficiency and nutrient density. Breakfast is serious business. The main protein source for these cakes is protein powder and I use a vanilla plant-based option. The binder is an egg but if you are vegan, this can be replaced with the flax meal option. These pancakes are denser than the old-fashioned classic but just as darn tasty and perfectly pair with a hot cup of coffee. Dark roast for me :)

If you are an athlete and/or your energy needs are higher, simply add a banana to up your carbohydrate. Super simple. What more do you need to know? Get pancaking!


Prep time is 10 minutes Makes about 3 cakes - 5-6 inches round Here's how to do it: Ingredients - 1 egg (large) - 1 Scoop Vanilla Plant-based Protein Powder (I use Thorne VegaLite) - 1/2 cup Blueberries (or blackberries, raspberries) - 1/2 cup Baby Spinach (about a handful)

- Water (add slowly) Instructions: In a large mixing bowl whisk the egg. Add protein powder and slowly pour water as you mix. Add water until batter is the consistency of pancake batter. Not too watery! Add 1/4 cup of berries and continue to mix (save the other 1/4 cup of berries to top off your cakes upon serving).

Gently tear up the baby spinach into small pieces and mix them into the batter.

Heat your griddle and pour batter into pan.

Cook a few minutes each side. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container or bag in the fridge. Best when fresh!

CHO = 14g

PRO = 32g

Fat = 7g

Fiber = 4g Calories: 238 Metabolically Efficient: YES

Ratio: 14:32 = 1:2

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