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Metabolic Efficiency Training (MET) is nutrition for everyone – walkers, runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, elite and professional athletes.


Metabolic Efficiency is the relationship between fat and carbohydrate oxidation across a variety of exercise intensities. Optimizing nutrition to becoming a good carbohydrate and fat burner. And more remarkably, the benefits of optimizing our body fat (especially around the mid-section) reduces many other health markers that can save us from all kinds of illnesses.


A Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist (METS) is someone who is proficient, as well as certified, to guide athletes with the proper protocol given their individual goals and needs to become metabolically efficient. 



Eat to train.

The macronutrients, carbohydrate and fat, are the main focus when discussing Metabolic Efficiency Training, as they are the primary energy sources. Metabolic Efficiency Training (MET) is the specific nutrition and physical training recommendations to manipulate cellular processes that will improve the body’s ability to utilize nutrients. The main benefit of MET is that it allows the body to use carbohydrate and fat more efficiently to optimize health and performance. This all has a positive effect on training status and health. 


As most athletes are familiar with, there are phases to physical training termed "periodization" cycles. Metabolic efficiency training pairs the athletes physical training cycle with their nutrition periodization plan. This suggests athletes align their daily nutritional needs to their physical training output. Therefore the macronutrient intake fluctuates, in greater or lesser amounts coinciding with higher or lower volume and intensity training. Also taken into account are the athletes health, body weight, and body composition goals.


Improving performance is the goal of many athletes and in endurance sports it is often the overlooked or missing piece in the puzzle. We dig into your unique physiology and optimize  your nutrition to fit your individual needs and goals.