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Cottage Cheese Bowls

Caroline Kavanagh | Mar 27, 2020

Cottage cheese was the rising star in the 1970's ("the golden era of cottage cheese") and quickly became all the rage in the American household. Is America ready to love cottage cheese again? Heck yeah!

Currently a neglected staple at the salad bar and something your grandmother (or Mom depending on your age ;) ate with cantaloupe, right? Yes, a relic of a decades-old diet culture, but as the yogurt boom levels off, it may be ripe for a revival. Finally, justice for cottage cheese! Did you know that during the mid 1970's there was more than a billion pounds of the stuff being produced a year? This was before the rise of yogurt which, as recently as 1962, Dannon had still been pleading with Americans to try, just once, please. My favorite, go-to cottage cheese brand is Good Culture, a company that uses milk from grass-fed cows, with the right consistency and creaminess. Yum! Cottage cheese is packed with protein and calcium and is great on its own, or get creative with what I call "Cottage Cheese Bowls." Simply top a bowl of cottage cheese with: (see photo)

Bowl #1

• Cucumber slices

• Hard boiled egg

• Cherry tomatoes ​Bowl #2 • Apple slices • Walnuts • Cinnamon (ceylon) ​Bowl #3 • Blueberries • Almond slices Also consider mixing cottage cheese into steele-cut oats for an added protein punch or add it to pancake batter to give your stack superb fluffiness. Yum!

Or make a great dip using an assortment of shredded veggies like carrots, beets and maybe a sprinkling of fresh english peas. Top your dip off with a squeeze of lemon juice and some fresh herbs. For old time sake, I occasionally cut up a few cantaloupe cubes and toss them in a bowl of cottage cheese and say "cheers" to the 1970's. The good old days :)

I love cottage cheese and I'm not 85 years old (yet ;) All of these cottage cheese bowls are metabolically efficient meals/snacks. For those of you who think in terms of ratios (you know who you are ;) They are all 1:1 ratio meals and of course can become higher ratios by simply adding more carbohydrates.


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