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Case Study: Part 2

Week 2: Metabolic Efficiency Assessment Report review with Susie McCrea. Recreational exerciser with the goal of losing body fat and reversing upward weight gain trend.

Eleven days after Incremental Metabolic Efficiency™ Assessment:

Weight loss: 10 pounds

Waist Measurement: 2 inch reduction

In Part 1 of this Case Study the client’s goals were reviewed and her dietary habits and food frequency were detailed in a three-day food record. From there, an incremental metabolic efficiency assessment was preformed on the treadmill.

Assessment #1 Outcome: Metabolic Efficiency Point (MEP) was achieved at a 21:30 min/mile pace with a heart rate of 99bpm. Developmental training zones were established as all zones below MEP. See chart below for detail.

Based on the full assessment results nutritional and physical recommendations were made. This included eating ad libitum and eliminating refined carbohydrates and whole grains in daily meals. Guidelines also included helping Susie determine the best balance of natural dietary carbohydrate and fat while maintaining protein intake. In this case Susie begins her journey with the basics of developing metabolic efficiency.

Excess “belly” fat is an issue, more than any other area of the body, this accumulated fat has been shown to impair both health and fitness the most. It can also adversely affect the cardiovascular system, metabolism, and even increase the risk of cancer.

The focus here is on nutrition with specific target macronutrient ranges suggested as a starting point. Carbohydrate to protein ratios and the Hand Model were outlined with intake in alignment with fluctuating exercise. Prescription was to follow 1:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio throughout the day. Incorporating 2:1, CHO to PRO ratios coming into play around higher intensity and training over 2 hours. These dietary changes were implemented over the past eleven days with Susie assessing energy, fatigue and satiety.

Exercise recommendations were made with greater focus on aerobic-based sessions. This allowed for both targeted fat-burning and enjoyment of exercise. In the video Susie explains that she was in fact able to implement the dietary changes and reported the changes to be well tolerated. There was a total calorie reduction over this period of time but this was only noted, not targeted. Satiety was the focus and therefore natural reduction occurred. Daily nutrition logs were tracked by client over this period of time.

Re-Assessment will follow in the coming weeks as Susie progresses along her metabolic efficiency journey. Follow Susie's progress in Part 3 - check-in - to come...

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