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Interview on the Susie Show

First in a series, which will follow the interviewer (Susie McCrea) through the metabolic efficiency process. This interview introduces loosely metabolic efficiency and how Caroline Kavanagh became a Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist.

In this interview, Caroline explains some of the basics of Metabolic Efficiency™ Training. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and how she helps others achieve their goals. There will be future interviews with Caroline and videos of Susie McCrea going through the process of being tested, following the Metabolic Efficiency™ way of eating (stabilizing blood sugar), and reporting on the results!

Caroline Kavanagh is the founder of InsideOut and a high performing athlete since her early teens.

After a long career of working in the fast-paced world of graphic design her love of sport came back around in the form of triathlon training and racing.

The competitive drive took hold once again and Metabolic Efficiency™ Training came into play. Realizing she needed to drop five pounds to run faster on the track, Caroline read Bob Seebohar's book on Metabolic Efficiency™ Training. Applying the principles on herself... the extra pounds simply dropped off!

Inspired by the results, coupled with the desire to help others do the same, a new career path unfolded as a Certified Level II Metabolic Efficiency™ Training Specialist.

Stay tuned for more and enjoy this interview!

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