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Purifying Sea Soak

A new ritual for me that I wanted to share!

The benefits not only help my muscles recover but are mentally akin to a spa treatment minus the high cost. If I close my eyes and just smell the bathroom after I open one of these sea soak packets I can fool myself into believing I am out at the Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson, soaking in one of their top of the line treatments (well almost ;). I actually don’t throw away the empty packet right away as I like to take a few whiffs after the soak to keep the experience going. The lavender scent is that amazing!

Another perk is I can do this within my own timetable - no appointment necessary. Just start the warm bath water while adding a packet of the purifying sea soak and jump in!

I am typically NOT the type of person who has time for baths, but I decided to give this product a try for three months while in the height of my triathlon training and racing season. If this worked to get the soreness out of my legs on a regular basis, after all the biking and running I do, I would be sold. I figured it was a heck of a lot less expensive to buy the packets than having to go for pricey massage treatments.

I won’t even talk about the cost of physical therapy, if I where to go out and do a workout with tight muscles and injure myself. Been there and done that too many times to mention at this point. No need to rinse and repeat on that front.

The main ingredient in these sea soak packets are sea salts which have been used for centuries to promote beauty, health and healing. Today they are typically the main ingredient in many bath products. The Arbonne sea soak packets, are combined with essential oils and extracts. Actually all of the Arbonne products are researched in Switzerland and manufactured here in the US. We know the Swiss are top notch in health and healing so it makes sense to tap into their research. The products are botanically based and free of mineral oil, vegan certified and contain no artificial dyes or chemical fragrances. They are an eco-certified company and use organic ingredients when available. All good news!

How does it work?

The salt water penetrates the skins pores and is absorbed into the bloodstream. From there, the salt helps to remove accumulated lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid becomes present in the body after strenuous workouts or heavy activity. The acid can build up in muscle tissue, causing you to feel stiff and sore. These sea soaks are very invigorating because they increase blood circulation and stimulate the body's natural release of toxins through the largest organ, the skin.

Our bodies contain the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as sea water, so it's no wonder that sea salt is a natural ally to balance, protect, and restore the body and skin. Sea salt is laden with minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium, all of which play a key role in our health, function, and cellular communication. Sea salt is also alkaline and therefore helps to lower the acidity of the body.

Salt also absorbs dirt, grime, and toxins and cleanses your skin's pores deeply. The salt's mineral content helps restore the protective barrier in skin and helps it hold hydration. You might notice that your skin won't wrinkle or prune after one of these soaks, which is evidence that the bath helps your skin retain its moisture.

I am obviously sold on this product!

This past triathlon season for me was the first time that my muscle soreness was kept at bay. That is saying a lot! Knock on wood.... I remain injury free. WOW! With the weather turning colder the warm bath soaks are even higher on my list of to-do's. I am looking forward to my "get aways" to the bathroom ;)

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, connect via the "Store" heading here on the site. Follow the link to Arbonne under the "Inner and Outer Health and Beauty" heading towards the bottom of the Store page to purchase. Enjoy!

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